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Welcome to my page, thanks for stopping by. Consider this a site a half-finished construction project on hold while we take care of other things. In the world of COVID, finishing the website is non-essential work.

I am interested in the fantasy genre, and want to explore themes, inspiration and motivations of past works here. Most of my writing here is with the goal of keeping myself getting words written. I also occasionally talk about my life as a new parent and the writing process as I go through it for the first time. I hope you find something interesting here!

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The Wheel of Time Debut

I suppose I should be working, but I just can’t not write this. I’m excited to the point of nausea at the prospect of going to see my favorite fiction characters come to life on the big screen tonight. I’m bursting with an excitement that has been building for twenty years, and ever more actively…

Writing Update

It’s been a long while since I have posted here to my blog! It’s been quite the few months, little of which has included writing. After finishing my first draft of the College 3 – Dark Waters, I started to begin receiving feedback on my second draft of Into the West. I sent a draft…

2020 Reading Review

Well, that was quite in crazy year, huh? Despite staying home for 11 of the 12 months this year, my reading productivity took a large dip compared to 2019. This was largely due to being a parent, not commuting (audiobooks), and switching from audiobook to actually reading books this year. The year is not quite…

My moderately crazy dog Tuck

About Me

Hi, my name is Josh Larkin and I am working towards becoming a published author. In one sense, I am already published. I’ve published research in Neuroscience and Pharmacology Journals, but one of my goals since I was little was to publish a fantasy story. I’ve been writing since I was in 7th grade, and I hope it’s only gotten better.

Now, I have completed two different first drafts and am working slowly towards getting them in a fashion that is publishable.

Besides writing and reading fantasy, I love hiking with my wife and dog. I enjoy video games, Seattle sports and craft beer as well!


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