And they’re off!

Well, they’re almost off. I am lucky to have three trusted beta readers willing to read through Into the West and provide their feedback. One is my wife, so that isn’t going particularly far. The other is a local friend, and the third my cousin across the country. So when I say they’re off, I mean figuratively. Maps are drawn, instructions written and they’re all wrapped up and sealed with wax.

As I’ve told my wife, I have no idea if I will ever be published. Sure, I could throw it up on Kindle Direct to Publishing now, but I know it’s not good enough yet. That said, I have loved the process of getting these drafts printed and wrapped up. It’s so exciting. It’s really special to be able to hold my work printed and bound for the first time. This is the payoff I have been looking for, and publication is not actually my end goal. I have loved writing this novel. I love drafting the next one, and editing The Heart of the Forest (original College of the Gods Book #1).

The creative process is rewarding in and of itself, and that makes this whole process even more fun. I drive my wife crazy talking about my characters and books. I heap unrealistic expectations on myself about when this book could be done (looking at you 2021 SPFBO — not going to happen). In the end, it’s a fun and productive hobby that I now finally get to share with people. I’m so proud to hold Into the West in my hands, even if it’s not yet done. I can’t wait to get back to it and hear what people do and don’t like.

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Neuroscience and Research Project Manager background; deep passion for all things fantasy and writing and mythology!

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