The Editing Grind: Confronting Sirens and Uncertainty

I am currently about a third of the way through my second draft of ‘Into the West’, and let me tell you, editing sucks. It’s healthy, it’s important but it’s brutal. As I continue to plow forward very slowly – the goal was to have the second draft done by June – I am findingContinue reading “The Editing Grind: Confronting Sirens and Uncertainty”

Enjoying Quarantine and Draft 2 Update

Quarantine for COVID-19 is quite a trip. As of posting, I have been work from home for a full month. I haven’t spent this much time on social media since college. My dog loves the extra snacks, my wife is happy to have me home all the time to spell the childcare, and it turnsContinue reading “Enjoying Quarantine and Draft 2 Update”

Life in a COVID19 Hotspot

At this point, it’s affecting everyone. Social media is inundated with all the things we should and should not be doing in relation to the global pandemic. Pictures of empty shelves are everywhere and most importantly no one know how much longer they’ll be able to have a clean butt. I took a personal dayContinue reading “Life in a COVID19 Hotspot”

Gaelic Folklore in Fantasy

For the second essay in my Fantasy Inspiration series, I want to talk about the history and use of Gaelic folklore in Fantasy. From my experience the most prominent examples of Gaelic myth and folklore in Fantasy are from Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher series of books, and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. If you’veContinue reading “Gaelic Folklore in Fantasy”

Norse Mythology in Fantasy, Games and Culture

Edit: Spoiler Warning – there are some slight spoilers for the Wheel of Time series included below. Recently, I’ve been playing the 2018 edition of God of War. Installments in this video games have traditionally been Greek themed, but this game takes place in Midgard and of course, the Norse Gods and myths are allContinue reading “Norse Mythology in Fantasy, Games and Culture”

Stage 2: Revisions

The ‘Hardest Thing in Writing’ Through all the podcasts I’ve listened to on writing, all the reference books on outlining and structure I’ve read, one this is a common theme. Revision’s suck. There are several “the hardest thing in writing is…” that pop up frequently. The ‘hardest thing in writing’ is: Starting to write TurningContinue reading “Stage 2: Revisions”

2019 Reading Review

Disclaimer: I originally wrote this to be the introduction and first post of my blog, after the birth of our daughter, I ended up writing another post that has already been published you can read here. Hi everyone, I’ve decided to add another avenue to my hobby of writing by creating a blog. Now, why,Continue reading “2019 Reading Review”

All Roads Lead to…C section

Quick Disclaimer: I intend this blog to be primarily discussion surrounding super-nerd Fantasy related content. But following the birth of my first child last week, I wanted to write up and share our experience for posterity sake and for any curious friends and family. When people find out that you are going to be aContinue reading “All Roads Lead to…C section”