The College of the Gods Saga.

The Heart of the Forest

Status: First Draft Complete

Sogdiana Frava is crowned the leader of the city of Samartra. When she finds out her father was murdered, her world begins to crumble around her. As she tries to regain control of her city, she finds out there is something much more sinister lurking just inside the forest wilds to the North.

Into the West

Status: Second Draft Complete

A student finds his life turned upside down when he is rejected from the Library of Sidenia. His only hope at pulling himself out of poverty is to find a sponsor for his education, but that sponsor does not come without strings attached.

Nearby, a bandit named Xero tries to erase his past. Together, they must brave the uncontacted West and the strange cultures and creatures they find there.

In the far off land of Galatia, Idan Sula must try and save her people from a barbarian invasion.

Dark Waters

Status: First Draft In Progress

Rhamtha Munatia just wants to be important. She want’s to be seen. When debtors come calling at the party of the year, she is forced into an unlikely partnership with a mysterious stranger.

Gant Gadezi, a mage-hunter who is over a thousand years old, is tasked with hunting down dissidents in the city of Vellicia.

Future Works

I intend the College of the Gods Saga to be 7-8 books chronically diverse stories of people in the world of Meridia. Those currently underway are intended to serve are prequels to a trilogy that will tied together these characters disparate stories.

“These books aren’t complete. You probably shouldn’t be posting about them on the internet.”

My Wife

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