NaNoWriMo is Here!

After 6 weeks of preparation, it’s time to finally launch into National Novel Writing Month for the second time. Last year, with a baby on the way, I decided to write a novel as I expected it to be my last chance before life changed.

Life did change. I accepted a job last November and started a new job in the middle of a crazy sprint to reach 50,000 words and ‘win’ NaNoWriMo. Then the baby came and on came 2020 and all of it’s challenges. Here we are year later and I have completed a second draft of that novel, Into the West. I anxiously await feedback from my beta (really more alpha readers), though the feedback I have received has been very encouraging.

Now, I am starting another project. We’ll see how things go with an election, a baby and a pandemic on. Maybe it’s the perfect time to dive into a novel. The third book in my College of the Gods Saga is titled (working title, of course) Dark Waters. It takes place in Vellicia, a Venice-like city on the southern coast of Meridia. We follow Ramtha Munatia, a noblewoman who wants desperately to be part of the in-crowd of Vellicia. Her mother is a Judge of the College of the Gods though, and that drives a wedge between her and her friends. It’s not a good look when your mom is locking up your parents friends for corruption.

We also meet our second POV character, Gant Gadezi. He is tasked with hunting down a rogue God in Vellicia who may be plotting against the College. He has been a Hunter for over a thousand years and been responsible for ensuring that the College can maintain control over Meridia.

I am so excited to continue to build my world. Where Into the West spanned nations as Por and Xero traveled west a la Lewis and Clark, Dark Waters is more focused. We don’t leave the city of Vellicia, but hopefully we get to dive deeper into a cities culture and politicial undercurrents.

Thanks for reading. If you’re interested in learning more about my work, or signing up to be a beta reader or advance reader of my books when the time comes, please shoot me a message at, or head over to my alpha-reader request page at the WriterLarkin home.



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